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Jeremy Sailor and Jermaine “Sprout” Taris are two friends from Minneapolis, MN with opinions as cold as their environment. Join in and listen to their comedic (and sometimes dark) thoughts on pop culture, current events, the internet, and life itself.

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Our Hosts

Jermaine “Sprout” Taris

Sprout is an illustrator, who also serves as management for a municipal liquor store. He tends to watch too much anime, read too many comic books and has a notoriously bad sense of direction. One day, he’ll find his way home.

Jeremy Sailor

Jeremy is a carpenter, landscaper–basically an all around tekton. He is a collector of all things gaming. Jeremy is also in to martial arts and MMA as a sport, having training in karate, jiu-jitsu, and boxing. He needs no GPS to get home.

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