2-D Con? More Like “Oooh-Weee” Con!!

I had the opportunity to attend 2-D con this past weekend. I expected to face disappointment, as the pandemic has been the cause of conventions cancelling up to this spring—but, when I arrived to 2-D Con, I was more than pleased with what I saw. In this post, we’re gonna go over the events of 2-D con.

Upon walking in to the convention, I was immediately overjoyed. I spent the last year-and-a-half trying to attend conventions and being forced to wait as a result of cancellations due to COVID-19. Before I even got to enter the Hyatt Regency (where 2-D Con was being held) I saw a myriad of gamers, otaku, cosplayers, and more. All my worries about disappointment washed away instantly.

The vendor area was packed with booths and people eager to spend their money on the things they’ve waited all year to buy. The game room, which was several rows of arcade cabinets and several other rows of CRT and flat-screen TVs with consoles attached to each one. Name a game, I’m sure I played it over the course of the weekend.

I even got to try a new music game called Nostalgia. Imagine Guitar Hero, but with pianos. I fell in love with it. I’m sure I’m a jazz pianist now.

Other than the gaming and vendor areas, 2-D con had some old favorites and some new things as well. There was the cosplay photo shoot, the concerts, and karaoke, but there was also a live DJ in the middle of the first floor all weekend blasting great dance tracks. There was a bar across from the main ballroom as well (which I’d never seen at 2-D con, nor any other convention).

I ran in to old friends and made new ones. I played as many games as I could. Sung ALL the karaoke, and even had the opportunity to work in the Highlander Games booth. I even bought myself a RetroN by Hyperkin (which you can also find at Highlander Games in Coon Rapids, MN).

All in all, I’d say that 2-D con was a success! Not a single person forgot about wearing masks or social distance. The events were fun, the cosplay was on point (sorry for a lack of cool cosplay images) and I have zero complaints. Now, hopefully I can go to Anime Detour next year!



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